Is Woodhaven accredited?

Woodhaven is a private school. The transcription of credits earned by students is facilitated by one of our collaborators – Market Square Education (MSE). MSE is a nationally accredited K-12 program that will issue credit for qualifying courses and will provide student transcripts.

Does Woodhaven offer the core high school courses?

Yes. Students who enroll in our program have access to all the courses required by Washington State to graduate from high school. Students may take our hands-on community-led courses, choose a more traditional approach, or take an online course to meet credit requirements.

Does my student have to enroll full-time in Woodhaven?

No. A student may choose one course, several courses, or be a full-time student.

Do credits earned at Woodhaven transfer to other schools?

Yes. Transcripts for earned credits will be issued upon request.

What does this program offer that makes it worth experiencing?

Woodhaven was created by families who want their children to experience learning in hands-on, community-oriented, and creative ways. Woodhaven places an emphasis on community connection––from the professionals, active in their fields, leading our courses, to community-based programs like Sound Water Stewards, and the Learning Lab. Many of our classes are taught at the Langley Community Center which provides a classroom setting and easy access to other community-based courses such as parkour, theater, music and woodworking.

Our students learn at the hands of authors, botanists, financial experts, culinary artists, and in-field conservationists. Passion, interests, and curiosity inform and guide student learning paths. It’s a beautiful place to be!

What does it cost?

Our dream is to be able to provide Woodhaven’s alternative high school education, tuition-free. That being said, we are not there yet. We are currently charging tuition in order to pay classroom rent, pay our teachers, pay for insurance, and pay other costs of running a school. The average cost of tuition for a full-time student is $14K per year.

We are exploring other financing models. The more we get the word out, and the more interest we generate, the more options that will open up to us!