So, like, why is this better than “regular” high school?

You’ll get to do cool things like parkour, woodshop, kayaking, baking, beach combing and more. You won’t be stuck behind a desk, class after class. 

We believe that you, as a high school student, are perfectly positioned to begin to discover your passions, foster your interests, and experiment with areas that may lead to a career path. We give you the opportunity to have a say in how you learn. We support and encourage you to find your place in the world, starting with your community. We value what you bring that is uniquely you, and we provide room for you to experiment and explore!

Learning is most powerful when it comes from your desire to learn, not as a result of requirements. By giving you, the student choice, say, and increased independence, you begin to experience what motivates and drives your learning.

Does Woodhaven provide greater freedom or flexibility?

At Woodhaven, you have greater freedom in the ways you get to learn; hands-on, in the field, in the classroom, or online. At every level, our teachers are passionate professionals with first-hand knowledge of the content they are teaching.

Courses can be scheduled to fit around other courses or activities you are involved in. We believe that diversity and flexibility in learning provides a well-rounded education.

Do the classes I take at Woodhaven count towards graduation?

Yes. Woodhaven offers all the courses that are required to graduate with a high school diploma.